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Are you flying in from out of town for a duathlon or triathlon? Need to send a bike somewhere else in the country?

As an official bike shop sponsor of many of the largest events in Rochester area, and a seasoned retailer of high performance cycling equipment, we have shipped hundreds of bikes all over the world. We are happy to receive, assemble and get your bike race-ready. After the event is over we would be happy to repack and return the bike to you insured via UPS or Fed Ex.

Receive and Assemble
We will serve as a local receiving point for your bike. Upon receipt, we will carefully unpack and inspect it for transit damage. We will then reassemble your bike provide a pre-race tune-up and test ride it. If you would like us to do any specific extra work at this time (such as new tires, etc) please include a note stapled to the top tube of the bike.
$85 per hour

Delivery to Hotel
We can deliver the bike to the your hotel of local area accommodation that is within a 15 mile radius of our store. Please note that deliveries can only be done on Fridays and the bike must be delivered to its owner. We are not responsible for traffic delays.
$49.99 within 15 mile radius of shop

Pack to Ship
We will carefully disassemble your bike and reinsert it into a case or shipping container. It will be packed in strict accordance with insurance requirements of Fed Ex and UPS. If desired, a sturdy, cardboard bike shipping box can be made available with proper bike packaging equipment for a fee of

Bike Travel Case Rental
We have a fleet of hard bike shipping cases that we rent for trips. These special bike cases from Serfas and Trico have wheels and work well as luggage for the airlines. Using special padding and straps they secure your bike well. They also meet dimensional requirements to ship via Fed Ex and UPS ground services. Deposit required. Fee is for period not to exceed two weeks.

Please call Towpath Bike at 585-381-2808 or e-mail to schedule your services.

Please ship your bike insured to the following address:


Towpath Bike

c/o Event Name & Your Name

21 Schoen Place

Pittsford, NY 14534


Please include your name on, and in the box. Include any special instructions. All extra accessories should be in a sealed bag to ensure that none of your belongings are disassociated with your bike. We are not responsible for items lost in shipping. For return shipping, drop off your bike, and sealed bag of accessories, at our shop with your home address and we'll take care of the rest!