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What is an E-Bike?

While many people associate e-bikes with something like a scooter or a moped, electric-assist
bikes are actually classified as bicycles. They have a small, battery-powered assist that kicks in
whenever the user pedals, basically adding power to each turn of the crank. Top speed for most
electric assist bikes is 20mph, though our Trek Super Commuter can reach 28 mph!

Who could benefit from E-Bikes?

  • Many, many types of people benefit from the boost of an electric-assist bike:
  • Commuters wanting to save energy on their ride into work.
  • Newer riders needing a little help to keep up with more experienced cycling friends.
  • Senior citizens looking to increase mobility and fitness and keep up with the grandkids.
  • Hill-haters. A little extra juice helps tackle even the steepest incline, making some of our
  • most gorgeous local rides (like Canandaigua) much more accessible!
  • Anyone looking to cut down on car trips, such as running errands to the grocery store. E-bikes make carrying heavy loads easy, and the cost savings of eliminating automobile commutes adds up very quickly!

Where and When Can I Test Ride and E-Bike?

Stop by the shop anytime we’re open! Our expert sales staff would love to learn more about
your riding needs and send you out for a test ride on your perfect bike!

E-Bike FAQ’s

How fast can I go?
With maximum assist, you can easily hit speeds between 20-28 mph depending on the bike

Can I still ride this like a regular bike?
The beauty of the e-bike is that is IS still a regular bike, just with a little extra oomph when you
need it. You can choose from 3 (Shimano STEPS) or 4 (Bosch) levels of assist, or choose none
if you just want to cruise.

How far can I ride before I need to charge the battery?
You’ll be able to ride between 20-100 miles on a single charge, depending on which power
mode you choose, how much headwind you have to deal with, and what kind of terrain you

How do I charge the battery?
It is incredibly easy to charge your e-bike’s battery—just plug the charger cord into any regular
wall outlet! You can either remove the battery from your bike to do this (perfect for charging at
work before the ride home!) or leave it on.

How long does it take to charge the battery?
About 3-5 hours for a fully-depleted battery.

I need to get my e-bike serviced. Where can I go?
Towpath Bike is Bosch-certified and equipped to handle your e-bike service needs.